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by Patricia Cuervo, Bridal Coordinator

 With Love from the Nations 

Providing beautiful wedding gowns, tuxedos, evening gowns and accessories gifted by believers to bless people in Israel. 

wedding dayWhen entering the CFI Bridal Salon in the heart of Jerusalem, one is delighted to see beautiful wedding gowns generously gifted to the Salon by both Jews and Christians from around the world, who wish to express their love and support for those who courageously call Israel Home. There are over 300 wedding gowns to choose from varying in size, color and style, including many designer gowns.

“My Beloved is mine and I am his...” (Songs of Songs 2:16)

The Bridal Salon has been expanding and serving Israelis since 1990. The newly renovated Salon is home to a large range of evening wear, a selection of men’s suits and children’s wear, and Bridal Gowns complemented by accessories such as veils and Jewelry.

The heart of the Bridal Salon is to provide special occasion wear to Brides, Grooms, and their families and friends from all over Israel, meeting the unique requirements for each special and celebrated occasion.

Due to family or religious situations, some Israeli brides have two weddings - one overseas and one in Israel! This can be very costly so the Bridal Salon is a real blessing for which they are truly grateful. When the clothing has been cleaned and returned, the deposit is refunded. This project serves to express the love of believers to people in Israel by blessing them on their special day.

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“....When she saw all the beautiful dresses she could choose from, she was totally overwhelmed. She had the time of her life, trying dress after dress in front of a big mirror…. Finally she chose a gorgeous, elegant, fancy…. dress. She was so happy, so excited….We also got another dress for her younger sister. So both my girls had Dream Dresses, neither of them expected that they would have…. It was amazing, that in two short hours, Lea's dream came true, She had a beautiful Dream Prom Dress…. out of nowhere, out of above, out of kindness of Staff from the Lighthouse Distribution Center. We packed the dress, thanked the staff and Bridal Salon Coordinator, that so graciously helped Lea feel comfortable and choose exactly what she wanted. We got out from the Center of Christian Friends of Israel, on the sunny street of Jerusalem. I looked at Leah, and I said:" Do you know what just happened?" She said:" Yes I know, a MIRACLE"

Once again, Many thanks, Ruth, and her daughters….”

If you wish to become a part of the growing number of people who are expressing their support and love for the people in Israel through the Bridal Salon, by gifting your wedding dress, formal clothing or accessories, please contact us for further details. We would love to hear from you and pass on your support.


Bridal Salon Garment Donations Criteria.

We request that garments intended to be donated fit within some necessary requirements.

All garments, without exception, must be:

Modern - Professionally Cleaned - In Extremely Good Condition

The CFI Bridal Salon has a professional presentation. Therefore, for the garments to be an immediate and ongoing blessing here, they must be of good quality, without stains, tears, pulls and all the closures (zips, buttons etc.) in good working order.

For a more detailed list of current needs at the Bridal Salon, donation criteria or if you have any questions regarding the garments you wish to donate, please contact us to our bridal email address provided below.


All financial contributions are also welcome to help us offset our salon expenses. We truly appreciate your desire to partner with us and to extend your love to the brides, grooms and families in Israel.

Thank you for your support of our Bridal Salon.

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