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by Maggie Huang, Under His Wings Coordinator

Reaching out to Victims of Terror Attack

Since the outbreak of the Second Intifada in late September 2000, between Oct 2001 and October 2011, the statistics show that there were 664 people killed, and 3,501 injured as the result of suicide attacks. Although the relative representation in the total number of hostile activities waged by Palestinian organizations was not high, suicide attacks were without a doubt the most significant component in the death and destruction they sowed. In the decade since September 2000, 516 of the 1178 deaths (43.8%) were caused by suicide attacks.

In all probability, Israel will have to continue dealing with the threat of suicide terrorism, as the Palestinian fundamentalist terror groups are unlikely to abandon the use of “human bombs” because they see how devastating the damage they have brought to Israeli society.

Project UHW was born in response to the increased number of terrorist attacks throughout the Land of Israel. For the victims of terror attacks, aside from suffering caused by physical injuries, the post trauma stress has left them having trouble sleeping, having nightmares, experiencing terrible anxiety, fearful of leaving home, and light or severe depression. They are unable to maintain a normal life, let alone to go back to their jobs. Therefore, many victims and their families are facing tremendous hardships mentally, emotionally and financially.

Bind Up Their Wounds

For some survivors of terror attacks, the psychological damage and scars are more difficult to heal than the outward physical injuries.

"In all their suffering [God] also suffers.” (Isaiah 63:9a) Because we are the extension of His mouth, hands and feet, we help bind up their wounds.

By doing this, we are touching lives in special ways that help heal damaged areas of their hearts. Thank you for your prayer and financial support to Project Under His Wings as we reach out to the terrorized and traumatized victims of terror attacks in Israel.



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