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Watching Over Zion

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David Soakell has been with Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) since 1986, an Area Representative since 1995, and full time with this ministry (living by faith) since 2001.  Apart from his role as CFI UK Church Liaison Officer, David is also part of the “media department” and writes the CFI News Reports (Watching over Zion) for our world-wide audience.



As a young Believer in the 80’s, David spent time with the Russian ‘Underground’ Churches smuggling Bibles into what was then the Soviet Union, and later spent over three years with Romanian Children’s Aid ~ helping children with AIDS in a Romanian Hospice.  However since 1995, he has been working with what he and his family believe is God’s calling on their lives to work and help the people of Israel, along with edifying the church.

In his role with the news reports, he is constantly monitoring developments in Israel and reporting what impact that has on the world.  In addition to reporting news not available through the general media, he gleans the most important information available from a variety of areas including many personal sources ~ Jews, Arabs & Christians ~ living in the Land of Israel.  These News Reports are intended to keep our supporters informed on the most critical current events, so that they can be informed, equipped to act, and pray about the current events in Israel.

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