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CFI Projects receive support from people just like you. As you can imagine, the process of providing media to so many in the world also requires funding to continue. Our Media Department also needs your support in order to get true reports and quality teachings into your hands for both accurate information as well as fuel for prayer. If God has spoken to your heart to financially partner with us in this area, please click on the Donate button on this page to make your secure online donation today.

Thank you for your prayers and your support of the ministry of CFI.

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“I will not keep silent because of Zion,

and I will not keep still because of Jerusalem

until her righteousness shines like a bright light,

and her salvation like a flaming torch.

Nations will see your righteousness,

and all kings your glory.”  ISAIAH 62:1

Watch FocalPoint Video

By Stacey and Kevin Howard

FocalPoint is a 30 minute well paced TV program designed to bring

you Positive - Revelant - and Balanced information. Focused on Israel

from a biblical Point of view, FocalPoint will bring you exceptional

analysis from seasoned teachers and scholars who have devoted

years of study to Israel and the Middle East.




For Zion’s Sake Publication

By CFI Jerusalem

A quarterly state-of-the art magazine filled with teaching, stories and

testimonies as well as activities of CFI worldwide. All publications

are provided by CFI Jerusalem free-of-charge online. here


Israel News Digest

By Lonnie Mings

Lonnis is a published author, teacher and CFI contributing correspondent.

He brings a fresh and relevant understanding of the Middle East to his writing. here

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IND Weekly

By Lonnie Mings

An up-to-date weekly informational source for prayer and intercession for

Israel. here

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Watchman’s Prayer Letter

By Sharon Sanders

Written by Sharon Sanders, the Watchman’s Prayer Letter is a concise

reminder of what it is to be a Watchman, the customs of ancient Israel

and timely information on subjects that need much prayer. here

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By Sharon Sanders

This monthly publication is a topical review of current or newsworthy

subjects relevant to today’s Israel, based upon Scripture and the

Prophetic Word. here

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Wall of Prayer

By Sharon Sanders

A bi-monthly prayerletter. Intercessors from around the world receive

a town, city or village with updated information for which

to pray. There are over 1800 towns, cities and villages in Israel and

thousands on the Wall of Prayer. here

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